Sunday, March 19, 2006

Joe Henderson in Japan

Adam Kolker talked to us once about how he used to go see Joe Henderson at the Blue Note (or Vanguard, I forget which). He said Hen' would take these long solos that went on for choruses and choruses, just gradually building up in intensity; Al Foster would just be there with him, matching that same level of intensity. Kolker asked us, what if you had that many levels of intensity? Same scale, just smaller increments. What if you could play that many fortes? How many fortes can you play right now?

So I'm listening to Joe Henderson in Japan, and I'm trying to understand it in the context of what Kolker was talking to us about.


James said...

Sounds interesting. You'll have to give me a taste of what he's talking about.

Jared said...

Yeah Larry... I'm always impressed by the depth of your listening.