Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Skateboarding in Crown Heights

I rode my skateboard over to the sofer yesterday, to pick up my tefillin. It was the first time I've skated since I moved here in April. I'm not too good, even when it comes to just pushing around, and it took me some time to get comfortable enought to skate with the flow of traffic up Kingston Ave. I only had one near-miss, when some lady almost took me out with her car door by accident. Some of the frum types looked at me with a mixture of derision and curiosity, which I expected. I haven't seen any of the kids from this neighborhood riding skateboards, except for the one black kid I saw last motzei shabbos.


Anonymous said...

skateboading sounds awesome. always wish i could learn. wish i had time. btw who on earth is kennyG?? u dropped out of college? couldn't u have b/co a musician while in college?? and is that how u c urself?? u'll c pple skating in crown heights. u just have 2 look harder.

Hesh said...

Dude you should hit up the sweet bowls in owls ridge park which is in Bay Ridge overlooking the Verezano Bridge. One of the only good bowl situations in NY state actually, besides for Binghamton and Saratoga. I am a biker by the way, but skaters bikers is usually one and the same type. Cities open our eyes to new possibilities.