Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Skateboarding on NPR

Here's a quote from Skateboarding Old Days, by John Dicker:

[. . .] I was on the verge of landing an ollie fingerflip. You kick the tail, catch the board mid-air, and flip it beneath your feet. Back in 1988, it was an impressive trick. Now it's as archaic as an underhanded free throw in the NBA.
In other skateboarding/NPR news, Tony Hawk is this week's essayist on This I Believe. His essay Do What You Love reminds me of all the high school writing assignments I would scramble to complete on the busride to school, the morning of the due date. I wonder if Tony finished writing his essay during the drive to the radio station? Probably not, but if the headshot they're using suggests anything, I'd say he sure looks like he was up late, no doubt working on that essay.

Tony's skating manifests such absolute control that I'm often caught off guard to see him out of his element. For anyone who hears him on NPR, I suggest investigating the reason for his celebrity. Here's a good starting place.

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