Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Annie Potts used to be a real looker, I'll say!

I saw her on TV a while ago, in that movie where Mark Hamill works in a garage and he's in debt and something about drag racing, I'm kinda fuzzy on the details but it looked like it was made in the 1970s, possibly before Star Wars. [It's Corvette Summer, and Star Wars (1977) predates it by a year.]
Back to Annie Potts. Don't get me wrong-- Ghost Busters is an all-time personal favorite, and Janine Melnitz is unconditionally cool because she's Jewish (It's implied, Melnitz is a Jewish name). But how on earth she went from playing Luke Skywalker's love interest to putting the moves on Louis Tully is beyond me.
I wonder what she really looks like, and if she's Jewish in real life, and is that her real voice? Because if it is, she has got to hook up with Fran Drescher. I can just see them doing a film adaptation of a Neil Simon one-act about two married couples, with Louis Anderson and Gilbert Gottfried as their respective husbands.

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