Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kyle Gann

Just read an excellent post by Kyle "Oops, I did it a" Gann. Here's the paragraph that roped me in.

The new course I'm teaching that I wrote about recently is titled "Progress Versus Populism in 20th-Century Music." It describes classical and postclassical music since 1913 as racked between two contradictory convictions. One is the idea that music should continually increase in subtlety and sophistication, each new generation learning everything that came before and moving continually forward in a linear evolution. The other is the idea that music not understandable by untrained listeners is elitist and therefore politically suspect; that by appealing only to the super-educated it marginalizes itself and becomes safe, soaking up cultural resources without doing anything to break down the advantages that the elites - financial, corporate, cultural, and otherwise - have over the common man.

You can read the rest of it here.

I'm not familiar at all with Gann's music, but I plan on checking it out before the end of the week. His music shouldn't be too hard get ahold of; he's generously made it available for free download via his home page.

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