Sunday, September 03, 2006

Support Your Local Shluchim

From Illusion and Disillusionment, by R' Simcha Levenberg:

This world is brought into existence every single moment by the word of G-d. Practically speaking, a G-dly energy is invested within all facets of creation. Every moment, place, and being is constantly enlivened and created by this G-dly spark of life. As strange and psychedelic as this may seem to you (save those who have eaten a heroic dosage of Psilocybin,) this is the true reality of our world. However, this energy is completely hidden. The nature of habituation conceals the miracle of life and time marches on, with us following closely behind. We view and experience ourselves as separate beings with individual agendas, goals, lives, cars, sling-boxes, xb360’s etc. We feel that we control our lives and destinies. Very rarely do we even consider the G-dly energy uniting all of creation with its vilifying force.

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