Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Typeface from Maniackers Design

Maniackers Design has released what looks to be a legible, perhaps even useful, typeface. I think it's part of a series of loosely related typefaces.

『096MKSD - Synapse - Alphabet』はMKSDスタンダードフォントシリーズの第3弾として制作。某建築設計事務所のロゴタイプデザインを進めていく中で派生したアイデアにヒントを得てフォント化しました。本文用、見出し用、ロゴタイプにも対応したオールマイティー&スタイリッシュな使いやすいフォントです。字間は比較的狭く設定しました。MKSDスタンダードフォントシリーズ第1弾は『071MKSD』、第2弾は『078MKSD』。(2006.10.10 Up Date)

On a sidenote, Japanese graphic design is where it's at. After you've explored the MKDS website, I highly recommend a thorough perusal of their links page. It probably won't take very long for you to notice that I've cribbed some graphics from a few of these websites. Most of the homepages are in Japanese with English trim, but navigation is more often intuitive than hunt-and-peck.

A gut moed, un a gut yor.

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