Friday, November 17, 2006

Madi Boombadi

I first met Madi because she was my brother's friend. Then we became friends. Weird how that happens.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

and that's whassup

First weekly video podcast from and that's whassup! news.

That's my homeboy Chaim behind the desk. We're from the same town, but we didn't meet until about a year ago in Crown Heights. He's friends with (L-R) Esther, Becky, and Rivkah; in fact, he goes way back with Riv and Becky, and I think it was Rivkah who introduced us at the Shabbaton last year. Chaim's dad, Rabbi Lazaros, is the shliach in our hometown, but I've never met him because I didn't get involved with Chabad until I was in college. There was a period of a few months between when I left school and when I moved to Brooklyn, during which I could have gone there for Shabbos, but I was too green at the time to get my ass up out of bed and walk for an hour in the middle of winter to daven with a minyan at 10AM.

Chaim lives on the other side of the neighborhood from me, so I don't bump into him too often, but I see his brother Moshe pretty regularly at 770. I met Moshe at 1414 on the first day of Rosh Hashana, because I had to make a kiddush and he was sitting in front of the first bottle of wine I saw that had anything left in it.