Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rilo Kiley! Julie! Other related marital news?

I just happened upon a gallery of photos from a Rilo Kiley/Nada Surf concert I went to with Barak, Julie, and Marissa. Nada Surf didn't impress me, but Rilo Kiley really knocked me out. The band was tight; Blake, in particular, exhibited some solid, versatile technical facility as a guitarist. Perhaps even more impressive was seeing him play his ass off without showboating. He and Jenny also charmed the hell out of the audience. They're very charismatic and have a ton of presence.

In related news, I spoke to Julie the other day, and she's recently engaged to her boyfriend. Congratulations, Julie.

I think Mendy's wedding is this week. When I ran into him at 770 a few weekends ago, I think he told me it's on the 28th. I'd have written it down, but it was Shabbos day. As I recall, that was the Shabbos when someone threw a whole bunch of trash in the cholent.

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