Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I think I'm developing a taste for Lynyrd Skynyrd. I was watching My Name Is Earl the other day, and there's a scene where Jason Lee sings "Free Bird" to Norm Macdonald (brilliantly cast as the son of Burt Reynolds). I had barely noticed that for all the flak it gets, "Free Bird" is pretty nice tune, when it dawned on me that I was hearing the tune for the first time. I've been aware of the song's "Stairway to Heaven"-like reputation since I was 13, when my friend Jeff and I found "FREE BIRD" carved into a desk in our English classroom.

It's implausible enough that I'm 24 and I had never heard "Free Bird" until a week ago, but it's compounded by the irony of all those scholarly musical pretensions I've been passing off as expertise. This is even sillier than that time I found out Buster Poindexter is really David Johansen.

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