Thursday, August 30, 2007

Insight from Daniel Schorr

On Wednesday's All Things Considered, Daniel Schorr observed of President Bush, "Lying as a matter of convience has become almost a conventional technique." About two and a half minutes long, it's a short piece but, as is typical of Schorr, there's plenty of information crammed into it. Listen to the whole thing here.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Lazer, happened to google onto your report by Daniel Schorr on government's deliberate lies of convenience and an absence of honesty. Thanks! But hope you didn't miss him this morning speaking on his 92 birthday: how 60 years when you asked for a bagel at a hotel, they didn't know what you were talking about. but today, DS said "the arrival of the bagel in places that didn't use to know about bagels is a part of the celebration of my birthday." You'll have to hear him. regards, rick