Friday, August 17, 2007

Mike Wieringo

Just found out one of my favorite comicbook artists suffered a fatal heart attack last Sunday (Aug 12). I was just rediscovering Wieringo's art via his internet presence, and perhaps even took for granted the diligence with which he kept his fans in the loop. My friend Dan-David hipped me to Wieringo's artwork when he gave me a stack of Sensational Spider-Man comics, all in Hebrew. I went out and bought the corresponding English copies, so I could try and learn some Hebrew. Mostly, I just read books in English and really started to dig on Mike Wieringo's style.

The first thing I remember noticing is how he draws a chin. The guy just really knows how to draw a chin (fig. 1). His lyrical visual style (fig. 2) has developed a bit of an edge in the past ten years (fig. 3). Wieringo's return to Spider-Man felt like he had come full circle as a comicbook artist, seeing Marvel's flagship hero through an era of major changes, i.e. Marvel's Civil War.

Judging from the online response to Mike Wieringo's passing, it seems like he was a popular guy in the comics community. He was also a health nut, supposedly, which makes his heart attack that much more tragic.

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