Thursday, August 16, 2007

We Are Jolly Laddies, We're Riders of the Night

Came across my fraternity's entry in Urban Dictionary.

"The greatest fraternity that ever existed. Composed of individuals who are [. . .] known for being non-discriminatory towards everybody and propagate freedom for all men of all creeds." (source)

For a something slightly more objective, you may want to try the actual Pi Lambda Phi website. There's an in-depth history of the fraternity, a list of famous Pi Lams (e.g., Sandy Koufax and Rodgers & Hammerstein), information on their activities philanthropic and educational and humanitarian, etc.

You can skip all that shit because it's boring. All you need to know is the Creed of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity.

The Creed of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity
  • That all Men are created Free and Equal.

  • That no Society of Men can flourish unless Members of that Society are endowed the Opportunities and Privileges of Freedom.

  • That Freedom implies the Elimination of Prejudice -- That the Elimination of Prejudice means a Better Understanding 'twixt Men.

  • That it is incumbent upon me to fight for such Freedom even with my Life.

  • That it is incumbent upon me in my Personal Life to be devoted to the Highest Standards of Honesty and Justice.

  • That because my Country is dedicated to the Highest Standards of Freedom and Justice for all Men of all Creeds, I hereby pledge Allegiance to my Country, and to its National Symbol.

  • My parents raised me by these and other, similar values. It's worth mentioning that my parents are Pi Lams. My Dad is an active alumnus; my Mom's status is less official, and that's a story for another time.

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